Coronavirus: The UK Plan

I explained to my parents what I thought the UK plan was.

We all need reassurance that our Government’s plan makes sense. We are understandably nervous to be taking an entirely different path to the rest of the world. It feels like a massive, callous gamble without seeing their plan set out in clear steps.


Sorry about your lovely holiday. Hoping the back yard is gloriously warm and sunny this year and you’ll be able to Zoom call friends and family for sanity.

I am hoping they are doing the right thing & I’m more confident that they have a cogent plan. It’s a gamble for sure. They have a top epidemiologist for chief Medical Officer.

Seems the plan is to keep schools open and have it run through the large section of the population that will be mildly effected – leading to herd immunity soon – this year. It is pandemic so it will keep circulating around the world like the common cold/flu. Subsequent outbreaks will be kept to a minimum If we achieve herd immunity in +60% of people ASAP.

They have to not isolate the vulnerable too soon as their isolation-exhaustion could then come when cases are peaking. So, they are holding off until there is more realistic risk, then they’ll ask over 70s and the vulnerable to entirely self isolate for 12 weeks. (Online groceries etc.) That’s coming soon.

Meanwhile, serious efforts to increase numbers of ventilators (we have the top manufacturers in the UK) and extending intensive care beds and professionals (through retraining & they will most likely requisition hotels).


It’s explained well in this tweet:

What you can do with homeopathy:


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